Thread: Zack Snyder wants to do frame by frame adaptation of Dark Knight Returns



“No, I don’t think so,” Snyder said when asked if he’d bring Affleck and Cavill back. “I think it would just be its own thing. Yeah, I think it would be its own thing. I would just do it one hundred percent, Watchmen-style, really frame-accurate. Really do it. I don’t think it would be that expensive, to be honest. I don’t think so. It’s pretty gritty.”

As cool as this would be, as a longtime Batman fan, I'm kind of tired of everyone constantly sucking off TDKRs. It's a good standalone story and all, but I feel like there's more interesting and potentially more entertaining Batman stories to adapt into live action.
I love Zack and TDKR but the animated version is already perfect. I feel like he shouldn't have referenced it so heavily if he legitimately wanted to adapt it, which is something he gradually owned up to since BvS. I dont know how he'd do that power suit fight again without it feeling repetitive. He would have to do it way further down the line of his career.

Larry Fong has always maintained that if you really go back and read Watchmen, the film is not a frame accurate adaptation at all.