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State of the Game Industry 2021 reveals a lot, from preferred console to VR decline.
PS5 leads consoles when it comes to developer interest, according to the 2021 GDC State of the Game Industry report.

GDC polled 3,000 game developers about their work, and while PC is still the top platform when it comes to developer interest with 58% of responses, PS5 is the top console with 44%. That's followed by Nintendo Switch at 38% and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at 30%. When developers were asked about their current projects, PS5 also came out on top when it comes to consoles, garnering 27% of responses. Ahead of the PS5 was PC at 58%, iOS at 32%, and Android at 31%. Xbox Series X received 24% of the vote.

PS5 once again came out on top when it comes to developer's future projects, as 30% plan to develop on the Sony console - but Xbox isn't too far behind with 25%. Amongst all of these polls regarding interest, and previous, current, and future projects, PC consistently came out on top when it comes to platforms. The GDC State of the Game Industry report also reveals that fewer devs are working on VR or AR games after the genre hit its peak in the mid-2010s. Only 38% of developers said they have been or currently are involved in producing a VR or AR game, which is down 46% from last year.

The report also goes into detail regarding game developers' income and revenue, as well as their weekly work hours. According to the poll, most game developers work around 40 hours a week (a traditional work week) but there are some cases where devs are working more hours a week. For the complete GDC State of the Game Industry Report, head here.
Hopefully the Oculus Quest 2 + PlayStation 5 VR really reverse the VR trends. Something isn’t quite working there, and I suspect it’s the huge buy-ins on price.

Somewhat interesting to see PS5 pull ahead of something it’s largely identical to. I guess the controller and the ease of development are really driving that for developers.

Switch is particularly crazy, seeing as it started off at like 1% or something in 2017.
Hopefully this wakes the fanboys up that flops aint the be all and end all. A lot more cogs to take into account and how well them cogs have been designed and work with each other!