Thread: Would you bang an old man for money?

Would you?

  • Sure, I'd give it a crack.

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  • Yep. I could get the extra 50k too.

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Shadow Man
78 years old. Tiny amount of wispy, white hair.
Loose, dry, spotty skin.
Relatively muscular.
Smells like a musty old closet. But his breath smells like garlic.
He has severe gout so he can't move very much.
Balls hang lower than you thought could be possible.
Surprisingly massive, and hard erection.
Talks like Joe Biden.

Extra $50k if you can coom before he does.
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Only Rosie O’Donnell
Some of you are being a little short sighted. Women do this all the time. Remember when Anna Nicole Smith married Skeletor?
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100K? Sign that contract in advance, cuz that old bastard is gonna have a heart attack during.

I'd take his ass out like the "What if Mr. T was gay" bit.
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