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If you'd asked me what my goals for the year ahead would be on 31st December 2020, launching a gaming forum wouldn't even be in the top 100. So I find myself in a rather peculiar situation, given that appears to be exactly what I am doing, as we heading towards April 2021.

The ins and outs and whys and where's of it all are hard to fathom, but I feel this is one of those heart versus head situations of it being a necessary action and fortunately, I have the modest means at my disposal to get the ball rolling in making it happen, and the final result is now we have a new place to call home.

A lot of time thought energy and discussion (as well as a fair amount of money) has gone into making this happen from several people. None of which we regret (it's been a challenge and a delight in equal measure), and I hope that investment pays off in terms of us being able to build out our little community into a thriving sustainable gaming forum that has many long years ahead of it in this crazy place we call the internet.

However, D-Pads success in that regard is now very much in your hands as the first members of this site to not only make the site appealing to people looking for somewhere to land, by posting regular gaming news, creating amazing threads and generating engaging discussions but also in getting the word out to all sundry.

Now I can't dictate to you what you post or how you post, but what I would say is consider the forum culture you want to cultivate in the long term here, and the type of people it's going to attract. D-Pad is not a continuation from forums past, it's a new start for everyone involved. Embrace that opportunity and relish it. The intention here is to build a better site, not a bitter site.