This looks pretty neat, but how often does anyone look at their console? I personally hate LEDS and lights in my eyes when I'm trying to play games, my solution is black tape, or in the case of an AVR which is telling me info that I already know(the settings are set once and it's good) I just use a panel of thick paper I cover in black tape and hang it from the top of the machine with black tape.

Back lighting is a different story, I bought some $10 backlighting LED strips from fleabay and they're awesome, helps reduce eyewear in late night sessions.

I'm all about useful light, and all against superfluous lights. Even HDD activity indicators... yea the machine is working, I know there's activity thanks, in cases of "emergency" with the product I just peel back the tape and it's all good. I like darkness and 0 distractions.

When it comes time to sell the things, just a little goo gone, and it's back to perfect.
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This is what my PC looked like when I went to uni in the early 2000s, I used to turn it on in the middle of the night when I wanted tramps to leave my room, it blinded them into submission:


Never again, I think I have a blue/UV tinge to my vision from sleeping with this monstrosity on, whirring away loudly, barely 2m from my face haha.
A lot of times he puts these light strips in and it did feel like the console would have been better without them.

I always liked what he did with this 360 color wise. Didn't need any LEDs for sure.