Thread: The RE8 demo time has been extended
Watched Bawkbasoups stream of the 30min demo, it looks quite good, would rather zombies to warewolves (types), but it also took me time to accept RE4 for what it was, and all the better for it now in hindsight!
First RE I’m going into totally blind. The release date really snuck up on me. Time has been standing still and somehow moving forward at light speed with the Rona shit. I’ve played through 7 at least five times and re4 is probably my favorite game of all time (top 3 at the very least) so I’m bout it bout it with the werewolves and big titted witchy womyns.
I don’t understand the Japanese and their fucking weird demo system. Why can’t they just be normal for fuck sake?!
Yeah you would think they would make it as available as possible to help sell the game.