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A new gameplay trailer for the upcoming open-world MMO survival game The Day Before has arrived, and it's giving off some major The Last of Us vibes. The game is set in a post-pandemic America where zombies are a constant danger and the remaining humans are fighting to control what precious few resources remain.
I am so hyped for this. Even though I had enough of everything zombies but I'm still in since its an MMO
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Looks right up my ally. The shooting didn't look quite right. Like the bullets and damage weren't one to one or it was laggy or something, but I dig this kind of setting. Hopefully the MMO elements aren't too shitty.
Visually it looks pretty good, but those zombies are a bit spongey (that or that dude can't shoot for shit). Not entirely sure whose filling a rural farmhouse in the middle on nowhere with department store mannikins but what evers: -

"Hey Brad....I know we are in a dog eat dog world for urban survival here, but what the house really needs is around 2 dozen clothes mannikins to dot around the place to punch it up some"

"No worries Chuck I'll head out to Carson City with Belinda, Mike and Ashley in the truck and get some"

Two weeks later

"Hey Chuck I got those Mannikins you requested, but we lost Mike to a horde, Ashley got bitten by a Rattlesnake and Belinda got captured by Ragoon's Gang. We's gotta tool up and go rescue her from those savages!!'

"Hey I hear you Brad, but look at you guy, you're exhausted, you need rest, lets get those mannikins into the house you get some food in you and a good nights sleep and we can head out and Rescue Belinda in the morning OK?'

"Ok Chuck, but I don't know if I'll get much sleep knowing that Ragoon's got my Sweet B in his dastardly clutches.....'

Later on when Brads passed out in his room. Chuck surveys his room full of shop floor dummies.

'Well, Well well, look at all you brazen hussies all stood there naked as the day you were born, as if butter wouldn't melt in your mouths'

'I've got some me some butter for you right here ladies'


-End Scene-