Thread: Switch’s latest system update reportedly added Bluetooth audio support


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The latest Nintendo Switch system update has reportedly added audio support to the console’s Bluetooth driver.

That’s according to dataminer OatmealDome, who shared the information below (via Nintendo Life) following the release of Switch update version 12.0.0 on April 5.

Switch doesn’t currently offer native support for Bluetooth headsets, meaning players who want to use a wireless headset need to use a third-party adapter.

Wow, that might actually hint at Switch gen2 featuring party-chat internally, and patches like this prepare old Switch-consoles for the big firmware-update later this year.

Of course, that's me being super positive and hopeful. Could as well be lliterally nothing.
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Ha no shit. That was one of my biggest complaints about it. Guess those third party add ons will disappear now. they could have just had this from the beginning. Better late than never I guess.
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