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Thread: Starfield is reportedly unlikely to release this year


Roving Reporter
Reporter Jason Schreier offers his take on Starfield's release date.
Starfield could be unlikely to launch this year, according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier. In a recent AMA thread on Reddit, user secretgirl3 asked whether Schreier thought "Starfield is likely for a 2021 release?" The one-word response was a simple "nope," suggesting that Starfield could still be further off than many are hoping.

Schreier didn't offer any explanation for his lack of faith in a 2021 release, but the question did reference his past comments about the disruption that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused to the game development scene at large. A project as significant as this one, from a studio as big as Bethesda, is unlikely to come through that disruption entirely unscathed, so even if 2021 was the original plan, it's possible that that date has been pushed back.

It's worth noting that Schreier's comment isn't an official report and that Gamesbeat's Jeff Grubb recently stated that Bethesda was aiming to release Starfield in late 2021, a claim backed up by a similar report earlier in the year.

That would be in-line with the company's recent releases - Fallout 76 was released in late October 2018, while Fallout 4 and Skyrim launched in November 2015 and 2011, respectively - as well as its practice of releasing games just a few months after their big reveals. Either way, it's worth waiting for official word from Bethesda, which means all eyes on Xbox's showcase at E3 2021.
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I have no idea what a Jeff Grubb is, but was it widely expected to? I figured it was years away.
I wouldnt be surprised if it does but I also wouldnt be surprised if it doesnt.

Microsoft will want to flex that bethesda muscle to show its paying off so we will see it in some form I feel like.
People were expecting it to come out this year? Really? Edit: Not to say it couldn't, but it was my expectation that we had AT LEAST another year to go. I mean, we've seen virtually nothing of it so far.
I'm not expecting it to release for at least another year, more likely two, and I doubt it will actually be 'finished' and properly worth playing until a year or two after that.