Thread: Spiritfarer sales top 500,000 | Lily update now available


Fox Hound
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Spiritfarer has surpassed 500,000 copies sold worldwide, developer Thunder Lotus Games announced.

Additionally, The “Lily” update—the first of three free updates planned for release in 2021—is now available across all platforms. It adds new character of Lily the Butterfly Spirit to guide the player through several scenes, which add depth and detail to main character Stella’s story, as well as improvements to local cooperative play and various bug fixes.

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Not seen that before, but that is a beautiful looking game. Don't know if boat management is quite my thing, but I will bookmark for another time.
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The game is actually very nice for a few hours, but I think any more than 10 hours of this gets boring. I enjoyed my 6 or so hours with the game (GamePass), but the micro management gets more repetitive and overall I think the gameplay runs out of steam fast.