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The Game AI Agents will leverage reinforcement learning – a form of machine learning in which AI agents learn to achieve goals – so that they can be used in PlayStation games either as virtual opponents or as collaborative partners.

Speaking during Sony’s corporate strategy meeting on Tuesday, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida did not provide further details on the feature, but claimed that the overall AI collaboration would make game experiences “even richer and more enjoyable”.

The comments could be related to a recent Sony patent, which described an AI used to study a PlayStation user’s play style and potentially take over playing the game for them.

According to the patent, the method involves assigning a default AI profile to the player, which starts off with a generic set of behaviours.

As the player plays a game multiple times, the AI will study their behaviour and apply it to the AI profile, meaning over time it will start to make similar decisions to the player.

honestly, I think this can be great when done right. just allow us to adjust how good the AIs are. I don't need to get oneshot headshot and then teabag on by a computer. I can already get that experience if I hop on to COD or something. would be great if they can make your in game AI partner smarter thou. imagine Ashely in RE4 not getting kidnapped every 3 seconds. that alone would make life so much easier.
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That would be really cool for a COOP experience if they can get it right. Imagine if they could communicate on a basic level through a headset. Kind of like Binary Domain on the PS3/360 but something that reliably works.

I should revisit that game, great shooter.
Oh this is finally public? Nice! They have been working with this for about a year now and its getting impressive. My understanding is they are leveraging their PS Now infrastructure to host the AI nodes. It may also be (one of) the reason GT7 was delayed, since I know they are implementing this in that game and were having some issues with how the AI cars reacted to players doing unexpected maneuvers.

Anyway, this is a very cool initiative that will evolve games in a major way. And I know for a fact Sony isnt the only one doing this. At least a handful of other major developers are also deep down this rabbit hole. With any luck we will see the fruits of this labor on full display later this gen.
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As long as the AI is labeled as such and is adjustable for difficulty, I’m all for this. I just don’t want a Mario Kart Tour situation where you are racing against AI without necessarily being explicitly told about it.