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Snacko will launch for Switch alongside its previously announced PC (Steam) version in 2022, publisher Armor Games Studios and developer Bluecurse Studios announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via Armor Games Studios:

Snacko gives players the chance to discover an abandoned island under an ancient curse, and work to bring back life to the land, as well as a community to call their own.
Players will explore and revitalize a cursed island as Momo, a former big city kitty who strikes out with her childhood best friend in hopes of finding something more fulfilling than a 9-5 office job. With the help of the island’s caretaker, you’ll farm, fish, and build as you please in your efforts to turn the ruined village into a thriving new home filled with new friends and family.
But what about that curse? Find out the cause behind the mysterious miasma and monsters lurking on the island’s farthest reaches. From snowy peaks to a sweltering desert, you’ll need to seek out the island’s shrines to an ancient goddess if you want to truly rebuild the island. But whether you choose to delve into Snacko‘s history or just spend your days exploring, one thing’s for sure… there’s a lot more to this island life than Momo and Mikan could have imagined.
Snacko seeks to draw inspiration from classics like Rune Factory, Story of Seasons, and The Legend of Zelda series, and build on these beloved experiences, taking players on an unforgettable farming catventure.
Development of Snacko was funded last year thanks to generous backers of a Kickstarter campaign launched by husband and wife development duo Bluecurse Studios. Since then, a passionate community has surrounded the game who have provided valuable feedback and enthusiastic support throughout the development process.
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One of the big things I noticed watching the indie streams yesterday was that there's a large cross over of titles for both Steam and Switch. Curious to see whether if the rumours are true about Valve making a Handheld whether they'll be attempting to chase that particular market in terms of the hardware specs they'll be aiming for,