Thread: Shymalan's "Glass" is the best Super Hero movie and here's why


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And nobody told me!

I only recently watched it the first time when it was cheap on Amazon Prime. I always liked Unbreakable, and Split was fine, too. But Glass ... wow.

This movie is how super hero movies ought to be done. A serious story, a grounded presentation, but nonetheless breathtaking, eery super abilities. This is neither the sanitized fist brawling from the Marvel movies, nor is the theatralic slomo-fest of Snyder's DCmovies. It's also not a social commentary like "The Boys". No, this is a serious super hero movie that truly feels like it *could* be happening like that irl. It just feels real. And that makes it awesome.


Í love how the movie spends just enough time to make the viewer think that these people are only mentally ill nutcases that don't really have any special powers. Until the last possible moment and BAMM, it's all real after all, they DO have super powers! Then the next slap in the awesome when even outside people witness their super powers after all the belitteling of the doctor. Speaking of which: This movie ends in the most perfect manner a movie could end. It both finishes the trilogy in a satisfying manner, no more movies are needed. BUT: There could be more movies! That much is left open. I guess Shymalan won't do it, he's too artsy for that, but hot damn. How epic was that final twist when it's revealed that the psych doctor is actually member of a super hero association herself! That was eerie. When Bruce Willis died, man, didn't see that coming :( But I was so happy when it turned out that Mr Glass had actually planned for everything, and screwed that bitch over. Soooo good.

Maybe you won't find it is the best, but I feel this movie deserves more recognition as Shymalan's work is often dismissed for his weaker movies. But "Glass" is absolutely not one of them. It's probably the most mature super hero movie and you should recommend it to people who find the Marvel- and DC movies too flashy. Definitely need to get this one on BluRay for collection purposes. <3
Must admit I absolutely loved the whole trilogy. Brilliant fun films, I highly recommend them to anyone on the fence.
I feel like I’m on crazy pills. Unbreakable was great. Split was a bit rough, but engaging. Glass felt like a cheap student project.
It's no Barb Wire

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I absolutely loved the series. Unbreakable was a fantastic, borderline masterpiece. Split was messy but once I knew it tied into the Unbreakable universe I appreciated it a lot more. I personally loved Glass, but I do know it was pretty decisive amongst the fans of the series, and I can get why. It definitely had some issues, especially towards the end, but I still enjoyed it a lot. It did something unique in the "superhero" genre, which I can appreciate a lot. Since that genre is typically so overdone with the typical good guy vs bad guy good guy win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!