Thread: Senua's Saga: Hellblade II - A Saga In The Making
Saw this earlier today. The advanced tech is amazing! Need to see gameplay now

Playing the first game with a headset on was a great experience and a weird one too! Looking left and right every 5-10 minutes kept me tense

The audio design was magnificent. Wonder how they upped it in the sequel!
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Super cool video. Some of their stuff looks incredibly high quality. Was also interesting to hear where they are in development/design. They said that they were finishing up the vertical slice then move on to content. Cant wait to see the results when those worlds collide.
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I saw a trailer of Hellblade 2 about a year or two ago and it was the MC doing this kind of singing and she's just angry and screams and I'm like "this looks insufferable" so I dunno. In fact she looked downright mean and ugly.

Then I heard the whole first game is one of those it's not real and everything happening is in her head because she has psychological issues and I hate those kinds of plots.

But damn those graphics are something else.
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I loved the first one. Unfortunately I'm a staunch Sony Pony and seemingly will never get to play this one. 😭