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Publisher Why So Serious? and developer WSS Playground have announced science-fiction mystery adventure game EDEN.schemata(); for PC (Steam). It will launch between 2021 and 2022.

Here is an overview of the game, via Why So Serious?:

Featuring multi-ending scenarios illustrated by Van Madoy (Revoir series, Murder at Kogetsukan (Fate/GrandOrder)), with each subsequent playthrough you’ll discover new facts, gradually closing in on the truth. With each new revelation, the UI transforms—as does the game itself—in this all-new style of adventure game.

■ Story

“Nice to meet you… again?”

An android named “Eve” speaks to “you,” before a headless corpse apparently known as “The Professor.”

Completely devoid of any sort of memory, “you,” together with “Eve”—an android, and the Professor’s apparent killer—must uncover the truth of what really happened here.

Use your powers of deduction to unravel the mystery of this sealed laboratory, one revelation after another.
We hope you enjoy this all-new type of mystery – the kind that’s only possible with video games.

■ Characters Depicted in Beautiful Hand-Drawn Animation

The characters are all illustrated in hand-drawn animation. Struck with total amnesia, the main character (you) has no idea who they are. The story is presented from the main character’s point of view.


The Main Character

Has no idea who they are due to total amnesia. Somewhat unreliable.



An android. As the main character regains consciousness, Eve is standing before the corpse of “the Professor”. The heroine, and also the prime suspect.


The Professor

Eve’s creator. Found as a headless corpse upon the main character’s awakening.



An integrated discipline interface. Something like an AI that punishes people for their crimes, but which for some reason speaks like a little girl and can be quite agitating.

■ UI and Game Design that Change Along With Game Progress


The UI and game design in general change in accordance with your game progress.

The story and UI come together, and the general game design gradually transforms, providing an all-new, almost magic trick-like game experience.

■ Main Staff / Comments

Scenario: Van Madoy
(Revoir series, Murder at Kogetsukan (Fate/GrandOrder))

At the beginning of the project, I thought, “Is there even anything left for me to do in the world of mystery games that my predecessors haven’t already done themselves?” However, as development progressed, I reconsidered and thought, “Maybe I can realize the ideal mystery via the medium of video games.” The concept of this game is “a mystery that can be solved over and over again”. I hope you enjoy the experience of solving the kind of mystery that is only possible with video games – one that’s sort of different from other “multi-ending” games.

Direction / Development: EIKI (Gensou SkyDrift, Living in the Ending World)

I consider the “adventure” genre to actually be a no-rules, cross-species battle. We bring you an all-new breakthrough adventure worthy of its striking visuals and writing.

Character Design / Animation: Yutaro ([Touhou Tegaki] Animation Made with Sakkyun Light, [FRENZ 2015] Touhou Youyoumu ~the maximum moving about~ Short PV-style:)

What’s the point of using hand-drawn animation to express characters in games, especially in adventure-style stand-up fashion? Well, I’d like to give any answer other than “This is the only way I can!”, so let’s say it’s that I’m striving to depict my art in a way that shows the pleasure and rawness of animation in an adventure layout.

Sound: RD-Sounds (Sacrament (Vatican Miracle Examiner ED), Absolute One-way Street ~Unreachable Message (Touhou Project arrangement track))

A story is, after all, a combination of pictures, sounds, and stories.

Game scenes, controls, background music, sound effects, story, visuals… I want to find out just what I can do using sound to fuse all of these elements together in order to tell a “story” in a game.

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