Thread: Resident Evil Village Second Demo Uploaded to PSN | Remote Play Controls Revealed


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We are exactly 30 days away from the release of Resident Evil Village, and while Capcom confirmed that a second demo is on its way, they have yet to give a firm release date. Well, seems it might be releasing sooner as a number of files relating to the Resident Evil Village second demo have been uploaded to PSN.

To be precise, four new SKU (USA, Japan, Europe, and Asia) have been uploaded (backend, not live yet) to the digital storefront, all named (Biohazard in Japan) “Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo.” As previously confirmed by Capcom, the title of the demo confirms that this will be solely focused on gameplay, whereas the previous Maiden demo was a visual showcase. The demo is allegedly around 10GB from the information on PSN.

This is the bootup image when you launch the demo:


And finally the control scheme for what appears to be for the Vita has been revealed! Here’s the Resident Evil Village remote play layout:


Damn, this is coming up fast. Didn't realize it was just a month away.

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