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LMAO that shitty WWE game that feels like it just came out
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A plague Tale looked interesting. Have BLOPS 4 and the WWE game looks like its not for me. So all in all a meh month (for me) unless APT is really good.
I only own a PS4, so not very good for me this month, honestly though, not sure what they can do to realistically make it better, I liked the games with gold better this month, but I think that's just personal preference, not because it's a better deal.
Not a fan of Plague tale but I know its loved by many so thats a good get.

Should look pretty good on PS5.

Blops 4 is kinda random considering the Blops crowd has moved onto Cold War. Would make a lot more sense if the Blops franchise didn't have a new entry.

Battlegrounds is trash.
Plague Tale is awesome. It's not perfect (there were a couple of bad autosave locations IIRC, though they might have been patched) but it's a really well-made game and looks great. Highly recommended
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I remember seeing Plague Tale and it seemed interesting. Guess it'll go onto the list of games PSN+ gives me that I'll never play.
The other two don't really interest me.
If anyone haven’t played A Plague Tale, you really should play it. Don’t sleep on it
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Haha, ya got me, I set myself up. Thanks. ;)

It does stealth gameplay pretty well and constantly adds on new mechanics that are actually rather enjoyable.

It's set during the Hundred Years' War in France and has all sorts of evil Templars and shit with a great sense of place and a fantastical yet interesting story.

Beautiful visuals, too. I couldn't believe it was done by a small team.
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