Thread: PlayStation’s Steam page is live and seemingly hints at more PC content


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PlayStation Studios’ Steam Curator page has gone live and it seemingly hints at more PC content from the PS5 firm.

Steam Curator pages allow approved companies or individuals to highlight games and content for sale on Steam. Typically companies use their Curator page to bundle their own content into one storefront.

PlayStation Studios page lists 41 games and DLC as associated with the Sony division, but currently only 24 pieces of content are actually visible on its storefront.


Came here to post. Glad to see you beat me ;)

I dig some of these developers works being supported and shared outside of the exclusive consoles. Great way to support them even if we don’t play on consoles. That said I have Days Gone on PS4 and never played it. Guess I’m buying it on PC now.

Now if we get Ghost I would be stoked. Loved that game.
I would get excited... If I could get a GPU to make this worth it. Since I am stuck with my GTX 1060, its not much of an improvement over the way I played these games. On a PS4 Pro. But someday.... maybe, Ill get to try some of these games and see that PC MR might in action on some PS games.
I'll be very interested when we start getting more of these ports to see people mimic the settings the games run at on say a PlayStation 5 and show us what level of PC gaming rig is required to get the equivalent performance on at least near equivalent settings. That's always my question with these things, it's a question of how expensive is the PC gaming rig that simply equals a PlayStation 5 never mind out performs it.
He's got a powerful PC I believe, but a love hate relationship with it!

The 41 games BTW is largely just loads of dlc.