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Before we start, what is a prefix? These guys:


Notice those News and PlayStation tags.

Not just handy for categorizing what you’re about to click on, they tie in with filtering functionality at the top of the page, which you can see here:


Want a front page full of news, or your favorite system? It can be done with just a click on any of these. It’s a system that we may keep working on and evolving to be even more handy, or offer more options.

However, we’re not perfect. Prior to launch, we all brainstormed as many as we could, and that’s the list we have today. However, more and more, we’ve been noticing holes in the list. Subjects that aren’t there altogether, missing things like GamePass, or having Apple, but no Android.

As the content creators that are dealing with this system day in and day out, I’d like to ask you what you think is missing, and give us suggestions to add in this thread. We’ll take the ones that make sense, and implement them in batches.

To get us started, a few of my recent observations have been:

-Games With Gold
-NSO (Nintendo Switch Online)
-Android (Thanks to @brap for this one)

Anything you can add would be helpful.
Here is the updated list:-


AMD, Analysis, Android, Announcements, Apple

Battlenet, Business

Clickbait, Competition, Co-op

DLC, Drama

E3, Early Access, EGS, E-Sports, Event, Expansion

Game Dev, Gamepass, GOG, GOTG, GOTY

Hardware, Hype

Impressions, Indie, Industry, Intel

Live, LTTP, Luna

MMO, Multi-Platform, Multi-Player

News, Nintendo, Nvidia

Opinion, Origin, OT,

PC, Platformer, PlayStation, Poll, PSNow, Puzzle

Report, Retro, Reveal, Review, RPG, RTS, RTTP, Rumor

Sales, Smartphones, Spoilers, Stadia, Steam, Story-driven, Strategy, Streaming, Switch

Trailer, Turn-Based


Vote, VR

Xbox, Xcloud



Community, Cringe


Hobbies, Humor

Money, Music


Science, Social, Space, Sports

Tech, TV




China, Conspiracy







War, World
I think we got it all covered if we get Game Pass and PS Plus out there. Great suggestion from my boy @brap with the smartphone prefix

Maybe something will pop in my mind later. When it does, I’ll post it here. Thanks for the thread
On the gaming side now with Luna, Stadia :poop: , PSNow and xCloud I would suggest 'streaming'
And a “Report” prefix. They’re starting to come to me sorry

I've updated the list with a bunch of requests

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I've updated the list with a bunch of requests

God bless you mate
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