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Bo and Ao: two recent university graduates prepare to move out of the flat they lived in together, over the past year. Both struggle to find work and meaning in post-education life. Disillusioned with their time in the UK and forced out of the country by a government who doesn’t want them there, Ao prepares to move back to Japan, leaving their friends and Bo behind. Home seems like a difficult place to hold on to, and deep under their South London flat, something grows.

I have to admit the premise feels kind of wanky (let's make a semi-autobiographical game about us with some magical realism thrown in for good measure), however, it seems to be tapping into that Kentucky Route Zero vibe (which I love) and I dare we can all relate to the end of a period of time in our lives where the temporal world we've known (school, college, university etc) comes to an end and the relationships we've known so well fall away.

Demo available on Steam: -