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The legendary SSV Normandy SR1 from Mass Effect has appeared in the No Man's Sky galaxy! Players have until the 31st May to undertake an expedition and add the Normandy SR-1 to their frigate fleet for good.

Not a lot of time though...
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Lmao. That’s awesome. Especially being able to have it as part of your fleet. A lot of crossovers make me groan, but that’s actually a really fun, unique idea, in an unexpected place.
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Guide to unlocking it. Apparently, you have to undertake the challenge using a new character, but that unlock carries across to any of your existing characters as well as a bunch of other dohickeys. As it's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up I might well give it a go and sneak it in before the deadline. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well, I'm on track. Already cleared the first set of expedition Challenges. Although it wasn't until I did those that I realised you can peek ahead and see what else you have to do so you can prep a bit (there's basically 5 stages of challenge with different requirements for each). Has been a while since I last played and I have to say the game looks a lot better than I remember. One tip from the guides I had was to turn off Multi-player that way you won't get bombarded with endless messages from notices etc other players have dropped, which seems like sound advice tbh.