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Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja have released a new trailer for Ninja Gaiden: Master Collectionshowcasing the many techniques, weaponry, and ninpo skills of ultimate ninja Ryu Hayabusa.
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One of my favorite action slasher game series along with Devil May Cry.

Man, I hope there's a Ninja Garden 4.

If I get this, I'm going to import a physical copy. Fuck this digital only bullshit in the West.
I think I read somewhere that they made this from the Vita versions of the games because they lost all the original code or something? lol if that's true
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30 minutes left but I think I'll sleep and play in the morning. I told my boss I will take home office for tomorrow. At our place home office means almost a day off and so she asked me if I will be able to work at all and I said "eh, maybe" :p
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It plays great on PS4. I have been playing the whole day and it is just excellent. Ninja Gaiden 3 at a solid framerate and high res is just amazing, like Ace Combat 5 on PS2/3 vs PS4, a huge improvement and it makes the game feel fresh.