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Publisher Nacon and Terminator: Resistance developer Teyon have announced RoboCop: Rogue City for consoles and PC (Steam). Specific consoles were not announced. It will launch in 2023.

Kind of surprised there hasn't been a Robocop game for a while, though I guess perhaps his lack of a diverse arsenal may factor into things as using the same gun all the time could be seen as a hindrance from a gameplay perspective. Makes me wonder why we haven't seen anyone attempt Judge Dredd game of late either. You could pretty much make a game based around the plot of the Karl Urban Movie and people would be up for it.
I love RoboCop but the franchise in general has been terribly mismanaged ever since it gained popularity so I don't have particularly high hopes for a licensed tie in. But eh maybe they will surprise me.
Robocop is one of my favorite movies and I dig that they are attempting here to do something with him. But I’ll remain skeptical until I see something with some substance come out of this.

Hopefully tho you can shoot dicks off people.
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With those developers, i asssume one player plays as Robocop, the others as criminals trying to take him down in a map?
The Terminator Resistance game was a pretty damn good game for a low budget FPS. It basically is the Future War game everyone always wanted. So I'm excited to see what they do with Robocop.

They also made that awful Rambo game before, but they redeemed themselves with Terminator Resistance as far as I'm concerned, so much that I hope they give Rambo another crack. Just take the basic Far Cry formula, let me play as Rambo and murder lots of Russians and I'm good to go.
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Hopefully it’s better than the Nacon accessories, they’re taking the the dumpster space that MadCatz left open, and Razer has begun to fill.