Thread: Kingdom Hearts III New Comparison Video Highlights Better Textures, Higher Drawing Distance on PC


Fox Hound
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Kingdom Hearts III on PC comes with select visual improvements over the original console releases.

A new comparison video shared by ElAnalistaDeBits on YouTube highlights how the PC version features better textures and anisotropic filtering as well as higher drawing distance. Animations have also been generally improved and all cutscenes display at 30 FPS.

- The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions run in backward compatibility mode, so their graphic settings are limited to the Pro/OneX versions.

- The Kingdom Hearts III PC version has been recorded using an RTX 2080 Ti.

- PC shows better textures, anisotropic filtering and greater drawing distance.

- Some animations of allies on PC have improved their fluidity.

- Kinematics on PC are now displayed at 60FPS.