Thread: Is the Battle Royale Craze over?


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What say ye? Seems like the BR craze has finally died down. Fortnight is not as in your face as it used to be. (though yes its still popular). I barely hear anyone talk about PUBG, is it even on next gen consoles? No talk about BR mode for BF. COD I guess still has BR mode but again I do'nt really hear much about it. If E3 isn't full of BR modes for every game then I think we can call it done.

Yes BR games are still popular. Kids still probably love fortnight, but like space marines and modern warfare it seems like the BR craze has passed us by and developers are moving on trying to chase the next trend.
Dude, I truly hope so. Big time.

Seeing EA/DICE saying they didn't want 2042 to have a BR and it wasn't planned made me so incredibly happy.

I know there are people that really love the genre, but, IMO it hasn't been innovative enough at all. Majority are almost carbon copies of one another. So, at some point it's all going to grow stale. It has to.
Dude, I truly hope so. Big time.

Seeing EA/DICE saying they didn't want 2042 to have a BR and it wasn't planned made me so incredibly happy.

I hope so too, but I have a feeling they're mainly doing that to test on what they can charge people with instead of loot box and mtx in battle royale games since they're starting to see push backs from governments.
It's self destruct because big publisher misunderstood the genre and made a bunch of fast paced shooters with BR. They're all missing the suspence and strategy of early PUBG. But PUBG itself never recovered from cheaters.

Battle Royale is bound to make a return at some point with vengeance.
I also hope so. I never found it much fun to pick up random items for 15 minutes then some dude sneaks up and shoots you in the back.
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Cool and while they're revamping multiplayer, please bring back dedicated servers.

Matchmaking is convenient and all but it's made online gaming isolating. You don't get to feel like you're part of a community.

I know it'll never happen but one can dream.
They're not for me, but I don't see them going anywhere as there's going to people who love that sort of thing (I mean jeez there's still people playing original Counterstrike out there still on the regular). I think as with any of these things once something becomes popular here's usually a rush of developers trying to cash in by coming up with their own version, but as with anything the battles they're facing are always of having a distinct hook coupled with gaining and maintaining a slice of the market share. If you think about it, we witnessed the same thing with MMO's wherein, in the early days things were a little rough and ready, then someone comes along and knocks it out of the park (Blizzard with WoW) and then everyone and their uncle tried to emulate their success by throwing bags of money at the genre, with most just failing in dramatic fashion (Tabula Rasa anyone?).
PubG was a blast for what it was at the time. Gunfights were intense even though I basically could never kill anyone. Fortnite to me however, was awful. A cheap ripoff and then everyone started doing it which killed pubg for me. I hope the genre dies out.
I had a lot of fun with PUBG when it became popular. It was so good. The strategy, the suspense, the action. But I haven't played it since like three years and don't need another BR game tbh.
I think so but battlepasses continue and all types of subscriptions and mtx.

There will be another fad along soon though.