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Hey guys, since @Arc said it was fine I'm making a thread to talk about my show. I launched it a while ago on Spotify with their new Music+Talk Anchor tool and it's like a radio show, but it's a podcast you can play on Spotify called Global Distortion.

It aims to bring all styles of rock and metal (and lots of bands from all over the globe - or flat earth depending on what you prefer, lol) mainly focused in new music but I also have the old but gold block which feature some obscure oldies that I enjoy and I think should be known better.

I had a previous show called Total Distortion for 2 years and it was presented in Portuguese, it had a good audience in many countries but it was abruptly ended last year due to copyright infringement, since I didn't have a tool to use songs of playlists, so I decided to start an international show to reach a wider audience now that I have this option.

Tune in if you're into this kind of stuff or don't, no problem! lol
So you play songs and talk in the break between them? What an interesting direction Spotify is taking, mixing podcasts and music.
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