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Set in an alternative 1976, a vast and inexplicable artifact – The Dome – is discovered in the remote desert and, inside, is packed to the brim with amazing technology that could advance humanity hundreds of years. But who would want to work there; watch the trailer and find out.

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I'm digging the whole 70s style Dharma Initiative vibe

Been in early access on Steam for a while: -


We got our first look at Encased in 2019, describing it as a Fallout 2-inspired game that was "shaping up to be the kind of freeform RPG we can get lost in." Set in an alt-history 1976, the whole thing takes place inside a giant, mysterious dome discovered in the desert that's packed with amazing, advanced technology that could carry humanity hundreds of years into the future, in an instant.

There's only one problem: Rather like a sci-fi Hotel California, living creatures who enter the dome can never, ever leave. Inanimate objects can, which means all that sweet technology is accessible, but only if you can find people willing to sign up for the job... forever. And so we have the new "recruitment" trailer revealed at the Koch Media livestream today, revealing a little bit about what life under the dome is really like.

Players will begin the game in one of five "disciplines"—science, engineering, security, management, or convict—which will affect starting stats and specialization options, and also have an impact on dialog options that are available throughout the game. Shortly after entering the dome, however, things go even more sideways than they initially appear, devolving into "a dystopian challenge of quite epic proportions."