Thread: Do you take time off from work for game-related reasons?


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I've put in for days off, even scheduled week-long staycations for certain games. I typically will use vacation leave, but I have been known to use the occasional sick day when it's short notice or I know my boss would frown on me taking the day off (e.g., during a busy time of the year). What about you all?
I used to all the time. My life basically revolved around video game release dates. It was usually the next event I was looking forward to and every holiday season I would spend money I set aside during summer specifically just to get everything.

As time has passed and the invention of game pass has nullified a lot of it. There is still stuff I look forward to and will take a day off for but its maybe twice a year at this point.
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Nah, all my holiday time goes to actual holidays with family. There’s a part of me that still yearns to be a lone wolf bedroom warrior playing games 24/7 but I just can’t do it anymore.
Nah, all my holiday time goes to actual holidays with family. There’s a part of me that still yearns to be a lone wolf bedroom warrior playing games 24/7 but I just can’t do it anymore.
I can understand that. Although, I wasn't really raised to be a family sort of person and I don't much like traveling. I still take time off for the holidays, but if I didn't blow it on random stuff throughout the year, I'd quickly hit the accrual cap.
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Many years ago, sure. And I still might for a big thing like a console launch.

The mistake people used to make was taking the actual release day off and ordering it online. So they're waiting around all day for the delivery and don't get started until they would have been off work anyway. You schedule the next day off so you can binge the fuck out of it after work, stay up late as you want, and wake up the next day with the new N-Gage already there.
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Only if the schedule permits, when it isn't as busy or if there is no critical work to be done, I arrange a "home office" day and during that day I switch between my work and the game. But I never take a full day off only for a game.
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Nah man I take time off games for work-related reasons.

Not that I didn't want to but when I owned my own business I really had no choice but to put the business first.
Does taking off time for lunch count?
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I've taken a day off a couple of times in the distant past, but nowadays not so much. The joys of self-employment mean you make hay whilst the sun is shining, and gaming etc you fit in around it, plus given almost every AAA game nowadays requires some degree of post-launch patching within the first couple of days as unseen bugs come to light I'm not so beholden to FOMO that I need to jump in straight away once a title unlocks. Even in the brick and mortar days, I was never the guy queuing at midnight versus picking up a copy at a sensible hour. That's not to say I don't get hyped (the CP2077 midnight unlock was a highlight of last year) but as I've come to know my gaming habits well (I'm a serial restarter) I don't put so much emphasis on rushing through (With CP2077 I think I did around 4 - 5 starts for instance some quite long before I settled on one).
I don’t use much of my vacation time so I finally decided to take a week off for Battlefields release this year. I haven’t done it in a long time so I’ll do something with my wife and my daughter that week as well.
Nah. Never really used my paid vacation leave just to game. Before and after work hours plus my one day off is enough gaming time for me.
Yeah. I work six days a week. It's not really uncommon where I live. But lately I've been working from home since Covid happened.

Is that so unusual?
Damn, that's rough. I guess if you're used to it, tho, or that's the norm in your neck of the woods... I work five days a week and usually end up taking a day or two a month in vacation time (and that's in addition to the multi-day/week vacations and holidays throughout the year.
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I do take days off if there is a game I really want to play. I find I usually end up doing other things though and don’t sit down to play the game until night most of the time.
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I took time off for the PS5 reveal too. I was in the GAF thread chatting with a few of you in real time. Hopefully we're all still around here for PS6 reveal.
When I think about it, now that my company has a "hybrid" WFH policy I will never need to do this again. I am the head of my department, I can just make sure we don't need to come to the office on big game launches. This way Ill have most of the day without burning any PTO (besides meetings of course... but turn the camera/mic off and I am free to game away.) What an odd time to be a gaming professional.
Nope, never in my case. I just reserve the evenings and the weekends almost exclusively to games if something hot came out and I really want to play it (usually happens a few times per year for me).
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