Thread: Did you want to be a part of an animation or know someone who should?


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Following on from the arc voice thread, this thread relates to if you wanted to be a part of an animation series/video. So far I have been working on a draft storyline involving Arc, Kadayi, Matt, Expand Kong, Spartan117, Nicktendo, Liberty4All and Stouffers. I'm not sure if spartan117 is even part of Dpad but these are just preliminary characters.

I have also created a test location which has a large room, bathrooms, a restaurant and a balcony. See below:

If you wanted to be in an animation video, you can say something below with your preferred design. I am still working on my modelling skills so it might look weird at first. Also if you think someone else in dpad or in our prior forum should be in an animation, you can also bring forth your suggestions. Once we get some characters going, the fate of these characters can then be discussed. Much like the hunger games simulator, various events could be possible.
I'd like to be in. Soy Mario FTW.