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Destruction AllStars Season One, dubbed “Hotshots,” will launch on May 5, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Lucid Games announced.

Season One brings a number of new features to the game—many at no additional cost—including new playable character Alba, her hero vehicle Claymore, Photo Mode, Blitz mode, and the AllStar Pass.

Season 1


We’re just a week away from the launch of our first season in Destruction AllStars. Seasons are our way of injecting new content into the game for all players, as well as adding in new cosmetics items to help you customize your AllStars to reflect your personality. In our last blog post, we revealed that our first season will be called Hotshots, and we also dropped a few teasers around our first new AllStar being added to the roster since the game’s launch. We’re here to flesh out what you can expect from Season One, starting with a closer look at our new AllStar. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to Alba.

New Character


Alba is a veteran of Destruction AllStars who is returning to the competition after several years away from the event. She’s a fierce competitor hailing from Scotland who brings a clear sense of determination to the arena, along with a high-tech armored battle suit. We’ll be learning more about Alba through her Challenge Series which will be released alongside Season One.

In the arena, we’re really expecting Alba to shake things up. Her on-foot ability, or Character Breaker, summons blockers out of the ground in front of her. These blockers, called bulwarks, act in the same way that blockers do in our arena. They are immovable objects, physically stopping competitors as they try to drive on through. Being able to use these bulwarks anywhere in the arena opens up tactical opportunities for disrupting opposing players or protecting yourself from an incoming vehicle when you’re on foot.


Alba’s hero vehicle, Claymore, is where the sparks really start to fly. Her hero vehicle functions a little differently to the other vehicles in Destruction AllStars. Instead of a slam which pushes the vehicle in the chosen direction (forwards, left, or right), Claymore deploys a laser beam that sweeps and damages AllStars or vehicles in its area of effect. These beams can be tactically deployed as you approach an enemy player, or in response to an enemy hero vehicle bearing down on you.

AllStar Pass


The brand new AllStar Pass is coming to Destruction AllStars, starting with Season One Hotshots. The AllStar Pass is a way for players to earn cosmetics from online multiplayer, no matter how they choose to play the game.

With Alba returning to the competition, our AllStars have decided to roll out the red carpet and get dressed up for the occasion. You’ll see a lot of black ties and tailcoats in the AllStar Pass as our AllStars get ready to welcome back a renowned veteran. Some of our AllStars have taken things even further, with two Legendary skins and one Heroic skin available in the AllStar Pass to really stand out from the crowd. With skins, emotes, avatars, banners and shouts, there’s plenty of ways to show off your style and change up your AllStars’ look.

To progress your AllStar Pass, you’ll need to earn Season Points by completing matches online (active PlayStation Plus subscription is required for online play), with additional points on offer through new Seasonal Challenges and Sponsor Challenges.

Seasonal Challenges are an extension of our existing Daily and Weekly challenges, only these award Season Points instead of XP and currency. Sponsor Challenges are objectives set by some of the companies that sponsor Destruction AllStars events in-game. These challenges are made available from the start of Season One and can be completed at your own pace, at any point before the end of the season. All of these challenges reward Season Points, but some of the biggest challenges offer AllStar Coins and Destruction Points upon completion.

These challenges are available at no additional charge to all players. Whenever you play online multiplayer, you’ll always be making progress towards your next tier of the AllStar Pass.

The AllStar Pass will have 100 tiers to unlock, with some items available for all players alongside a premium tier that can be bought for 1000 Destruction Points.

This game is actually a lot of fun. Co-op makes this look a lot better too. I'll reinstall it, I had to delete it to make space for the Avengers PS4->PS5 transition.
I just did not like this game. The first couple times I tried it, it seemed fun enough, but the more I delved in I found it to be really unbalanced and shallow.

When it was first revealed, I was excited for it. The more I saw, the less I cared. Then they let me try it for free and it didn't last long on my SSD.