Thread: D-Pad+ Nominations
@Udham because he’s poor and needs his purple background

I got impatient so scrolled up the thread and saw a couple of recommendations that could still be actioned:


@Mirabilis hand that pup over, keep mah boy dipped he’s earned his stripes

1k posts, Roronoa Zoro avi, One Piece scholar, Zelda and Paper Mario scholar, not a woke bone in his body, strong arguments, PlayStation and Nintendo fan aka BIG HOGG status

Will also argue for the exalting of @lock2k since he cannibalized his own fellow Brazilian, nominedamine, for lacking the intelligence to converse with others properly and at a high level. If we had more people like him, maybe we wouldn’t have sleepy Joe as the US president right now
What does D-Pad + do?

Also thanks to whoever gave it to me.

D-Pad+ Account Upgrade Information
What is D-Pad+?
D-Pad+ membership is a good way to support the site either through one-off or recurring subscriptions.

What does D-Pad+ get you?
As a D-Pad+ Member, you unlock some user-specific features like a shiny D-Pad+ logo to your forum account for all to see and the ability to upload a banner to your account profile. We are also looking to add in more customisation features over time as the site grows and evolves.

How much does D-Pad+ cost?
D-Pad+ is $5 per month or $50 per year.

How do I cancel D-Pad+?
You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account page.

What happens if my forum account is banned?
In the unfortunate event of an account ban, any rolling subscription will automatically be cancelled. With yearly subscriptions, we will endeavour to refund you the balance assessed against any usage.
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What does D-Pad + do?

Also thanks to whoever gave it to me.

- You can change the display color of your user name
- You can add a banner to your profile
- You get the ability to adjust the number of posts &/or threads you see on a page from 10 - 60 (each are adjustable separately)
- You get access to the 3 exclusive D-Pad+ Themes




Blue Steel


Le Tigre


And D-Pad+ members keep the lights on, they are the reason we can cover a part of the costs to keep the site running.
And D-Pad+ members keep the lights on, they are the reason we can cover a part of the costs to keep the site running.


There are a surprisingly large number of overheads with running a forum like this. From the domains, hosting & forum software licensing, as well as the various add-ons (some free but many licensed) that have been introduced over time (we are up to 100 different add-ons now), plus ensuring everything plays nice together (a lot of testing goes on behind the scenes ) and updating things as necessary as browsers update, etc, etc.

We don't run ads, that way we're not beholden to advertiser pressure regarding content so subscriptions and donations are how things are funded. Our view also is to make D-Pad the best forum it can be in terms of features, which is why rather than sitting on the base software, we've put a lot of time into upgrading the site with Quality of Life updates which you can read up on in the Site Announcements' Sub-forum. We carried out a few big QoL updates earlier in the year and we are hoping to carry out a general forum software upgrade at some point over the summer once Xenforo gets its act together and releases a stable update, which will allow us to upgrade a bunch of add-ons to the latest version (Their last couple of releases have been far too buggy to push to the site in our view).

Sometimes beyond subscribing people do donate to the site via the paypal link, and our view is always to spread the joy buy giving out some D-Pad+ when that happens. This is one of those occasions.
@Hillbilly his first post in the video game music thread was something I've never heard and fuckin great.

Love people who post good video game music. 💪

Edit: oh i see limit reached. Eh fuck it ill get it myself. Also everyone should post more video game music. Low key hitters are best.