Thread: Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Speaks About Criticism, Goals Were Super Ambitious


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The controversial Cyberpunk 2077 is an on-going debate of both fans and heavy critics of the game. To try the game out for himself, many months after its release, CD Project Red’s Lead Quest Designer Pawel Sasko decided to indulge an awaiting audience by playing Cyberpunk 2077 live on his Twitch channel.

Most notably, during the end of his stream yesterday, he addressed a particular concern as to why the game was launched the way it did—citing the ambition developers had set themselves on—as well as how gamers and journalists find difficulty in understanding the developers’ point of view.

Our goals have been super ambitious. I don’t really feel that players and journalists fully, completely understand how difficult it was to make this game

Sasko will continue to stream every Sunday at 8PM CEST

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I've seen some used PS4 copies on ebay for like $20. It seems like that's all that would be needed for a big, updated full PS5 version a year or so from now.
It isn’t the job of the consumer to understand how hard it is to make a game.

It is however the job of the developer to make sure their game is complete when shipped, and to not hide or otherwise be dishonest about the game prior to shipping.
I like CDProjektRed and their upfrontness with regards to how they fucked up with the release of this game.

But yeah... I agree. I don't care about the hardships a developer faces when making a game. All I care about as a customer is whether it WORKS. At the end of the day, they're selling us a product and we have to right to complain when it doesn't perform as specified.
They just should have been honest, game isn't ready so we're releasing an early access version for people who can't wait. Imagine if they had just phrased it that way? Still love it, personally.