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Japan? I'll pass thanks
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Crystal Chronicles.

Nope, I'm not referring to the tales of Walter White and Jesse in a lab....

I'm talking about the Final Fantasy sub-series, mein nibbas.

So I just recently learned about this series and it's pretty cool looking.

For one, all the games in the series take place in the same world, albeit different time periods.

Most of the games are action RPG, instead of turn based. Two of them are dungeon crawlers, the last one in the series is more similar to traditional FF games but still action oriented and one is a city builder and another a tower defense game.

So, unlike most FF games you have a series taking place in the same world, action RPG and city sim and strategy.

They recently remastered the first FFCC game but I heard negative reviews around it. Not sure why.

All in all, this seems like an overlooked sub series that has a lot of potential.
I haven't ever really tried any either but have always wanted to. Let me know if you like them and maybe I'd try one. I love main series FF though.
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