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Japan? I'll pass thanks
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I love the Karate Kid movies from the first one to the third with Ralph Machio. Yes, I loved the sequels up to the third. Going to Okinawa in the second movie and that final fight and the Steven Segal look-alike jerk ass in the third movie was fantastic.

So I got a preview of the first two episodes of Cobra Kai.

Shit this show is not bad. I love seeing the original actors and so far I'm really enjoying. Can't afford YouTube Premium or Netflix but definitely want to see more beyond this. I know the evil sensei from the first and third film returns but beyond that I know nothing.

Also love the kid Johnny is training is quoting his woke teachers and Johnny is like "wtf you talking about?"
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Just watching episode 6 of the new season. Guess the woke has reached this season now. "I'm asexual" says some random hot girl. Ok. Good to know :/
Cobra Kai has been a lot of fun so far. Is there a new series out? Netflix tends to tell me about new shows I don’t have any interest in but forgets to tell me about shows I watched every episode of getting new episodes.