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Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil Re:Verse won’t launch alongside Resident Evil Village next month.

The online title, which is billed as a celebration of Resident Evil’s 25th anniversary, will instead launch in the summer of 2021.

Re:Verse will be available free for owners of Resident Evil Village, which will be released on May 7 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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I mean kudos for continuing to try and make multiplayer RE happen but also why

I know we've got some fans of Operation Raccoon City floating around here but the only RE multiplayer mode I've ever heard overwhelmingly good stuff about was REV 2's Raid mode. And I guess Mercenaries in RE5 and 6? But those weren't really like...the same kinda scope as these.

I dunno. Maybe I'll check it out. It's free with the one I actually want to play anyway.
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Like I keep saying, a Battle Royale in Raccoon City, where you have to flee an ever encroaching horde of Zombies, with BOW's running around, Nemesis and Tyrants randomly rhat stalk players, and other players to fight or ally with, would be bloody awesome, and seems so obvious I don't get why it's not being tried.

Failing that, I'd take a 4K remaster of this over this RE-Verse bollocks.
I’m a bit more forgiving than some, but visually, that first look a few months back was really rough.

Kind of hoping it plays better than it looks? But I find the amount of effort put into a game’s visuals, usually reflective of its overall quality.
I played the beta. I mean, it’s goofy, but I thought it was kinda fun. 🤷🏻‍♂️ The beta was not really what I’d call a smooth experience though.
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I'm in the Don't Bother camp. I love Resident Evil, but this looked really bad and on top of that it's an online game which I just don't dig on anymore, although that's not to say other people don't. I feel like the series has recovered well from the RE5/6 controversies with the amazing 7 and 8 looking superb. They've handled their remasters relatively well (2 was much better than 3 though IMO). I think they should be protective of the franchise a bit and really wonder whether releasing a potentially shitty RE game is going to be a good thing overall for the franchise.

EDIT: I guess if it's a freebie then people are likely to be less critical of it or hold it against the series if it turns out badly, so I guess there's that.
I'm actually kind of surprised. I wonder if there's a lot of "surprises", because the beta was.... pretty straight forward. Is it something the RE community has wanted? Nah, not at all. But it is dumb fun, so I'll still be giving it a shot for sure.
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