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This game is (kinda) flying under the radar imo. I wasn't sold on it until recently but this latest trailer along with other recent info has really gotten my attention piqued for this game again:

Some real nice looking gameplay for a AA title with some wild variety in its gameplay systems and world by the looks of things really makes me think that there will be enough to keep me going. Kinda strangers wrath via journey to the west and a bit of borderlands-iness in there I think. Plus I'm some what of a sucker for anthropomorphic animals!

Anyone else excited/thinking about picking this up?
I wish it weren't so furry, but it does look pretty damn neat. Looking forward to reading impressions once it's out.
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Two years ago I played the alpha in a gaming convention and ever since that time I’ve been waiting for the game.

The game went quite for a very long time and made I got worried that they killed it. Glad to see it release soon now :’)
I remember it being announced and it looked so cool and fun, then the silence and i think the game changed somehow graphically, can’t really pinpoint. But still looks fun, really wanna try it.
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Will there be a native next gen version for the consoles? The gameplay videos look very cool but it makes me wonder what it actually looks like on a PS4 before I get my hopes up about buying a copy to play on PS5.

Man I really need to build a new PC for myself but lol at that right now