Thread: Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Austin announce Redfall
The fucking black lady telling the dude to be quiet when she’s making jingling noises with all the shit she is wearing. This game is woke garbage. Fucking hate it already. No interest, hard pass.
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Yuck. This seems so blatantly focus-grouped and overtly political. They should've called it "Diverse Force: The Game." Also really liked the quip at the end about having to pay off student loans. It's also bound to offend the people it so desperately seems to be trying to cater to; I mean, a black chick that looks like she fell right out of a Blaxploitation film? A latina woman who calls an enemy Cabron? How original, and not stereotypes at all!

Politics aside, it looks pretty amorphous -- is it a squad based co-op game, a BR game, or an action game? It doesn't really look like it'd make a good fit for any of these.
Pay particular attention to CG graphics in this trailer. Especially the hair/fur and FX.

Still a long way to go for games.:sleep:
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