Thread: Bellator 261 - Johnson vs Moldavsky (For the Heavyweight Title) 6/25


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Official Event page:

Important Details:
Friday June251th (TODAY!!!!)
Prelims 6:30pm ET
Main card 9:00pm ET

- Prelims - (its FREE)
- Main Card - Showtime

Who is fighting?

Fight card
Weight classMethodRoundTimeNotes
HeavyweightTimothy Johnsonvs.Valentin MoldavskyMoldavsky by decision55:00For the Interim Heavyweight title
Women's FlyweightLiz Carmouchevs.Kana WatanabeCarmouche by TKO10:35
FeatherweightDaniel Weichelvs.Keoni DiggsWeichel by (split) Decision35:00
LightweightMyles Juryvs.Sidney OutlawOutlaw by Submission34:44
Light HeavyweightChristian Edwardsvs.Simon BiyongEdwards by Decision35:00
Preliminary card
LightweightSøren Bakvs.Bobby LeeBak by Decision35:00
LightweightIsaiah Hokitvs.Corey SamuelsSamuels by KO10:10
BantamweightJaylon Batesvs.Cody MatthewsBates by Submission24:04
MiddleweightTaylor Johnsonvs.Lance WrightJohnson by Submission12:58
FeatherweightJohn Macapávs.John de Jesusde Jesus by (split) Decision35:00
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Oh, a HW clash, gotta be fun!

On another note, I was wondering where Liz Carmouche has been after Valentina beat her. Guess here's my answer 😂
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Oh, a HW clash, gotta be fun!

On another note, I was wondering where Liz Carmouche has been after Valentina beat her. Guess here's my answer 😂
Yep for the Interim strap cuz Bader is wrapped up in that LHW tournament... well until Corey Anderson dismantles him in the next round. Should be a good fight. Johnson is less consistent but has fought (IMO) stiffer competition. I see it going down as either a KO/TKO by Johnson or a Decision by Moldovsky.

As for Carmouche, they are still "rebuilding" her as a name in Bellator. Has had two victories since, but neither were against anyone of note. I would think if she can get past Wantanabe tonight we should see he back in the flyweight title picture (in Bellator).
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Yea that was Soren by way of effective body triangle again and again. Lee ran out of steam in the 2nd.
Fight 2. Welp, that was quick. 10 second KO by Samuels. maybe 10 punches thrown.
Good lord that was lopsided. It was like a Senior fighting a Freshman. Bates had the reach, height and power advantage in a big way. When Mathews was just about broken, he catches him with an armbar.
fight 4. Quick work by Johnson. Once he landed those hooks in the clench it was his fight. Wright couldn't reset after.
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Last fight of the prelim was super close. I thought Macapa did enough to eek out a decision due to that flash KO. BUt I can see how De Jesus got it via split decision. I mean damn he landed what 7 superman punches?
Holy shit did Carmouche just annihilate Wantanabe. Liz tagged her good and just poured it on like waterfall.
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That interim HW Title video "hosted" by Bader was actually pretty cool. Greta for casual fans to know what is going on.
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Johnson has to finish here if he wants to win. He has already lost on the scorecard. That cut is nasty, but at least not in place that would stop the fight.
That was a fight. Hell id call that last round a god damn war. Moldavsky wins for sure, but Johnson held his own well.
Wow what an aggressive performance by Liz Carmouche. Wasted no time.

But man, like, I hate to say it, but it was painful to watch for me. As someone who trains striking since I was a kid... That was really bad. Bad technique, no snap, lacking explosiveness, bad head movement, weak punches etc.

Still love to see women fight because they tend to being the heat. Not every chick can be Valentina I guess.
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