Thread: Before Nintendo shuts the book on Switch, what games/franchises NEED to appear?


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Curious to hear where fans land on this one. Nintendo doesn't put every franchise on every console, and their back-catalogue is only getting larger, worsening the issue over time. Switch is pretty PS2-tier popular, though, so I hope they'll continue supporting it for a few more years. I'd like:

- a new Pikmin game that actually utilizes the Switch's touch screen (in handheld mode) and/or uses gyro aiming
- a sequel to RingFit, either using the same hardware provided in the first game or mixing it up with a new piece of kit.
- Sin & Punishment 3
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Punch Out is the only franchise I constantly want a new game for but sadly I doubt we'll get it.

Sin and Punishment 3 would be nice but what is going on with Treasure? It feels like ages since they've put anything out, I wonder if they are even making games at this point.
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New Pikmin
New WaveRace
New F-Zero
New Punch Out
New Pilotwings
New Sin and Punishment.
New Excitebike
Not New 2D Mario (hate the artstyle)
New 1080

In that order.

I know there is no chance I'll get any of them, but one can wish. Even one of those or a remake of anything bar Pikmin and 2D Mario would be enough.
Metroid is the obvious one. Metroid and Pikmin. It'd be nice if they had some new IPs too! God do they need new IPs.
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