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Byron Beede previously worked on Call of Duty and Destiny.
EA has appointed a new general manager for the Battlefield franchise to help grow the series – and he's previously served the same role for Call of Duty and Destiny. EA announced today that Byron Beede has joined Battlefield as SVP and GM, and "signals a strategic, long-term commitment to the growth of the franchise". Beede previously worked as GM on both the Call of Duty and Destiny franchises and, with CoD, was a part of launching the series' live-service aspects, including Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile.

Byron Beede (Source: EA)
With 2021's mainline Battlefield game, as well as a mobile spin-off, now being developed by five studios, it appears that EA is putting huge resources behind the franchise, presumably to counteract Call of Duty's recent huge success. Beede's appointment, direct from the Call of Duty series' leadership, seems to signal another step in that direction.

IGN understands that, while Beede will be a part of getting this year's game and next year's mobile game over the line, his focus is on the future of Battlefield beyond them. Beede will report directly to Respawn founder Vince Zampella, who took over as head of DICE LA last year. DICE Stockholm GM, Oskar Gabrielson and EA European studios GGM David Rutter will see no changes to their positions.

While it's unclear what Beede and EA's vision is for Battlefield beyond the next year or so, we'll be getting our first look at its next step on June 9, when Battlefield 6 (or whatever it ends up being called) will be revealed. Leaked footage of the game emerged last week, but EA moved to explain that it came from an internal video of the game, and wouldn't represent the upcoming reveal. We've rounded up all the seeming leaks from the game so far.
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Alright. Don’t do jet packs please. Let’s see what is coming for the next Battlefield now.

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Eh, normally I'd care, but the line between BF and CoD has getting blurrier as time goes on.
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Step 1: Modern Warfare (think BF4)
Step 2: No woke shit
Step 3: Don’t tell people NOT to buy your game for the sake of said woke shit
Step 4: ???
Step 5: PROFIT

EA should hire me for this role. I’ll do it for half of what they are paying that guy and get the double the success with my simple 5 step plan.
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Alright. Don’t do jet packs please. Let’s see what is coming for the next Battlefield now.
I mean, didn't 2142 have jetpacks?

Really, I want Battlefield to stop bothering with the single player campaign bullshit which are all just even worse versions of Call of Duty campaigns. Battlefield 3 has to be one of the worst single player campaigns I've ever played and Battlefield 4 was only slightly better because at least I could pick my loadout and I got to shoot Chinese Communists. They should either just bring back bot support for single player content like back in the Refractor days, or better yet, take a page out of the Enemy Territory games and make the "campaign" a series of multiplayer maps with objective based game modes.

Enemy Territory Quake Wars functions well as a prequel to Quake 2 and Quake 4 if you play through all the maps on the human side, with each map involving you either defending or completing a series of different objectives that are all contextualized with some story and lore beats. Now Battlefield 1 and V did have something kinda like that in the form of Operations, but even then it's not as extensive as Enemy Territory where you'd complete like 3 to 4 completely different objectives depending on the map, and in Quake Wars, each objective also can only be completed by a specific class, too.

Hell, you can even add some story and cutscenes inside like Brink (made by the same developers) later did, albeit without the crappy map design and gameplay. Incidentally, that is one of the things I wish was there for Titanfall 1. Take Brink's multiplayer campaign concepts and complex, ever changing objectives in a map but match it with Titanfall's core gameplay, map design and shooting. There, we now have the game Brink and Titanfall 1 really should've been. But I digress.