Thread: Apple to hold event this Tuesday (4/20); no delicious response from Snapple yet, sadly


I’m just thirsty for a drink and making threads. It’s a bad combination.

Looks like this long awaited event kicks off at 12 Central. Chief among expectations from rumors the past few months are a Mini LED iPad Pro 12.9, a refresh of the standard iPad Pro, and somewhat uncertainly, a revamp of the iPad Mini, bringing it in line with the modern no-bezel design for iPads, and increasing the screen size as a result.

Airpods, more M1 Macs, and a new version of iOS may be on deck as well.

I’m really hoping to see that iPad Mini come out of this. It’s by far and away my favorite tablet size, and a screen/aesthetics update for the times sounds 👌. Also excited to see how the Pros turn out, as the segment has become Apple going ridiculously overboard with tech and performance for such a device every single year. If no Mini, I might finally pick one up.
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where's the brain-computer interface or augmented reality goggles ... ?

there's truly bizarre reality portals to explore and i'm not getting any younger

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