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Titanfall, Apex Legends and Jedi: Fallen Order studio Respawn Entertainment has confirmed it’s working on an original game project.

In a tweet published on Friday, one of the studio’s design directors shared a job advertisement and confirmed it was for a new IP.

Previously, job ads have stated that the studio is forming a small incubation team to work on “new, practical technologies to enable ‘adventuring forever’.”

Respawn, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, has been one of Electronic Arts‘ most successful developers in recent years.

Excellent news! This team could touch a farming simulator and find a way to make it slick and acrobatic.

Hopefully they get to really show off their talent. The notion of "adventuring forever" sounds like a stab at the roguelite subgenre. Methinks Returnal won't be the only game of its type this gen. 🤔
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I’m not as big a fan as others, but I’m happy to hear this. One of the few developers where I’m like, ‘This’ll probably be cool.’
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