Thread: Alan Wake Remastered and Final Fantasy 7 Remake listings spotted on the Epic Games Store’s database


Fox Hound
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The EpicData tracker, which searches for changes and new additions to the Epic Games Store database, noticed that alterations were made on Thursday to an item codenamed ‘Heron’.

The metadata for Heron, which is owned by Remedy Entertainment, references a cloud save folder path that reads “{UserDir}/Remedy/AlanWakeRemastered/”.

A listing for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was also spotted on the database listed under the codename ‘Pineapple’.

Alan Wake Remastered would be awesome if they turn it into the game they intended to release with an open world in Bright Falls.

I couldn't wait. I bought the PS5 version of FF7. Bummer though because I can't stomach the graphical sacrifices with 60FPS on these consoles. The image quality is too bad (even games like R&C). It's going to have to be 2 modes this generation - neither of which are optimal. 30FPS seems very juddery and 60FPS renders look like sludge.
Alan Wake was a pretty great game from what I remember of it. I'd definitely be down for a remaster or even a remake. I kind of liked Control, it was different and definitely scratched that conspiracy thriller itch. Unless I missed it - I don't think the story was all that 'woke' either.