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505 Games has acquired the Ghostrunner intellectual property for €5 million, the company announced.

The Italian publisher worked with Polish publisher All In! Games on the initial release of Ghostrunner in October 2020, but will now take full control over the property, as well as “all licenses for the technological solutions used in the game.”

All In! Games will continue to receive a share of profits from the game’s ongoing sales. All In! Games CEO Piotr Zygadlo said 505 Games originally competed with his company to acquire the property ahead of launch, but 505 Games “was not willing to pay the amount we expected” during the early stage of their partnership.

Ghostrunner quickly turned out to be huge success, which convinced [505 Games] to submit an offer—one of those ‘hard to refuse’ [offers]

Been waiting for this game to go on sale before I check it out. If 505 threw down some cash to acquire this I assume it must be a pretty good title and have a lot of potential in the future.
The game is essentially Hotline Miami 3D. Still haven't beaten it.

And it even has a great soundtrack like Hotline Miami does:

Hopefully 505 builds it out into a bigger franchise. Imagine a free-running city.... ?
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Ghostrunner is amazing. Not sure how I feel about this aquisition. Shit tends to dilute when it gets mainstream and big publishers like to dilute stuff.